Welcome Back To The Olympian Archives!

Good morning Outsiders! The Olympian Archives is back after a nearly ten year hiatus, and this time we’re going full digital! Gone are the days of scratched up VHS tapes and dusty records. It is now the astonishing year of 2005! The Olympian Archives is an archive of information related to super-powered individuals (freaks) and all around oddities (freaks) submitted straight to our archives (which is helmed by us freaks) but the likes of you amazing fans! (Freaks.)

We hope that whether you’re a registered superhero who’s been fighting the good fight for eighty years, a scared teenager just now learning he can turn into a spider, or an alien archaeologist discovering the remnants of this long extinct and disgusting planet, you’ll find a story on here that entices you with a love of the dark and the macabre!

We hope that you enjoy your stay at the Borkoshavski Academy.


HEY GUYSSSSSSSS, ITS OPAL HEREEEEEEE :3, with a little progress update. In the coming DAYS will have five files ready for you. To hold you all over until then, we managed to find and digitize this one VHS tape right in time for Valentine’s Day. While it’s origins will be made public soon, consider this a teaser of what’s to come in the coming months! This tape was found with a sticker saying “Find Phil,” not sure what that means! But if anyone wants any hints, then you might want to start there. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!!

A question for you all! Who’s your valentine going to be? I know who mine is!

Please Give Us A Warm Welcome To Miss Gill Hyde!

Hey… Opal here. Our last file had to be taken down and workshopped due to extending well beyond our data maximum. A shortened, summarized version of itis being typed up by… OUR NEW RECRUIT! That’s right, you guys, The Olympian Archives grows more and more each day. What was once two scrappy teens is now THREE scrappy teens, and let me tell you, this new girl is something interesting.

You all know her… it’s the one, the only, Gill Hyde! That’s right, everyone’s favorite fish girl is here, and she even wrote us a special message.

“Hey everybody… Listen, I know that you guys might know me as a troublemaker. As some punk kid who ain’t ever done anything right, so I decided to give this blog a chance, and help people for a change. I want to push past the legacy that my Father left for me, and truly become the hero that I know I can be. And it starts with this archive.”

Thanks, Gill! You’ll occasionally be getting blog posts from Gill as WELL as myself. We’re also hoping that by years end we’ll be able to publish our case file, detailing our year in review, so even if we can’t get no files translated yet, you KNOW we’ll have that project for you. Love you all! -Opal

New Submission!

While we still haven’t exactly gotten any applications yet, it would appear that opening up our e-mail to the internet was an amazing choice! That’s right, someone has actually SUBMITTED a file directly to the archive. We encourage that others join in, and hopefully we’ll be able to create an archive that’s fully self sustaining! Gee, that’ll be a day. Anyways, applications close at the end of the month. Anyways, great things are coming! Oh, and special thanks to jaxtrembley1313 for the submission. We looked forward to working with you!

Now Hiring!

It’s here! Remember that special post I was talking about! Well, oh boy, it’s here. For five months now, the Olympian Archives has existed, and it’ just been me and Hasaan. Since day one. Though our beginnings were rocky, we’ve both mulled it over, and we think that it’s about time we expanded! That’s right, the Olympian Archives is currently taking applications. If you wish to join, us an email at theolympianarchives@gmail.com

Happy Holidays!

Hey archivists, Opal here. I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Holidays. Whether you’re celebrating Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Christmas, we hope that you’re having fun, opening gifts, and spending time with your families. Be checking the site around, say, New Years, for a special post.

In Memoriam Of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Hey archivisits, Opal here. Today marks ten years since Leonardo DiCaprio, the actor who played our beloved principal in the 1995 film “The Olympians,” died. A tragic day among the community. While I mourned this loss, Hasaan pulled up today, and you’re not gonna believe what he showed me. A couple of colored photo copies taken straight out of The Alchemist!. God, I love it! I still can’t believe that Leo died on set… Crazy career, man… crazy career. Read the article: here

Why We Fired Clara Stilton

Hey guys, it’s Hasaan here. It’s with great shame that I’d like to tell you guys that Clara Stilton has been kicked out of the Olympian Archives for embezzlement. She has stolen 300 dollars from the club. We’re happy to announce, however, that Opal Yazzie will be taking her place. Opal Yazzie is significantly cooler in every which way. We’ve set up a jar outside of my dorm: That 300 dollars was all we had. If anyone would like to support the Olympian Archives, please place your donations in the jar.

The Olympian Archives Are BACK, BABY!!

Helloooooooooo everybody, tis I! Your favorite blogger here, Clara, here with a little more elaboration about what this whole project was. A couple years ago (like, ten) a teacher here and a bunch of students brought together a group of kids to find a bunch of lost media relating to superheroes. The man in charge did some very bad stuff, and so for years this cardboard box of VHS tapes, diaries, and flash drives lay dormant and empty.

That is… Until now!

We’re UNDER NEW MANAGAMENT, BABY! Me and my lovely vice president, Hasaan, will be hard at work to get youthe lost media that you as a student of the Borkshovaski School for the Outsiders deserve.

Be sure to E-Mail us if you have any questions and/or submissions, we’ll glady get back to you. Have fun, and remember, Bienvenidos a la villa de arañas españas!